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    Girl Rising Curriculum for use in YOUR Classroom


      Have you had a chance to see Girl Rising, a powerful film demonstrating the strength of girls around the world and the impact of education on girls’ lives? The film is inspiring and motivational and appropriate for students, beginning at upper elementary school. See how nine girls from the developing countries overcame tremendous challenges to pursue their dreams.


      Now, a new free classroom curriculum is available! The curriculum provides teachers of different grade levels and subject areas a unique opportunity to educate students about the issues surrounding girls’ education. By exploring the barriers that stand between girls and school, such as politics, family situations, economics, and how community expectations can keep girls out of school, students’ worldview will expand. As they come to consider themselves global citizens, they may be inspired to take action on important issues near and far.


      The Girl Rising Curriculum is robust and engaging. It’s aligned to Common Core State Standards and includes teacher guides, innovative lessons for project-based learning, film viewing guides, fact sheets, and video extras for upper elementary students through college.


      Plan for the fall now! Share this wonderful resource with other educators and share how you will use this in your classroom.