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    Facilitation from Govt.sector

      Hello! I am Senior Trainer,Coordinator and  looking after the Pre Service Intel teach essentials program here in Lahore  (pakistan).I suggest it will  be a good idea  if we introduce the govt.personals working with us  to our engage  community, in this way they will consider themselves to be a part of the intel community, which i feel they are, will be motivted  and will have an opportunity to give feed back .

      If there are no focal person or govt.representative then what other methods are adopted to get in touch with the  public sector, how may we reach to more and more  educators/teachers

      I will introduce our focal person this time

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          Hello - I thnk that is a great idea!  I think that a short training for government folks - something like the Leadership Forum we do for administrators, would be excellent.  We've recently begun to introduce our preservice faculty to Engage during our Faculty Review and they really liked the possibilities.  I coordinate the Intel program at my university - Cal State Fullerton - so let me know if I can be of assistance.

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            Hello Nasiraa,


            I think  its a good idea to make the govt, focal persons a part of teachers community. They may be invited to  take part in discussions.They can share their views with govt. personales of other countries and benefit from their strategies.I think other people like education officers and heads of the institutions should also be invited on this forum.  It will give them a chance to  watch how teachers are enhancing their abilities with the help of Intel Teach program.