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    Have your students participated in the Digital online challenge?


      Dear All,


      I am writing to request for your support for the Digital India program launched yesterday by the Hon. PM sir.


      On this occasion, Dept of Electronics and IT (DietY) with support from Intel is executing a ‘Digital Wellness Online Challenge’. This is an initiative to help children across the country become more responsible in their use of Internet. It aims to anchor students’ well-being in cyberspace by empowering them with information and application of the principles of cyber safety, cyber security, and cyber ethics.


      The objective is to reach out to each and every child so that they learn to be safe in cyberspace; and we need help from EVERY SINGLE PERSON we know in education to make this happen! May we request you to mobilize all possible channels to get maximum children in your school from grades 6-12 to attempt this quiz post 01 July till 7th July.


      The quiz will be available in English and Hindi. 4 winners per state will be declared as Digital Wellness Champions who will gain an opportunity to interact with key leaders during the Digital Week Celebrations later in the month. For this activity formal letters have been issued by MHRD to all education secretaries.


      the quiz can be accessed through the following






      Please feel free to write to me for more details on the process/methodology/reach if required; and to forward the FAQ and share the links with all your colleagues and friends who can help in socializing this.


      Thank You!