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    Let's prepare 'Inventors of Tomorrow'


      In pursuance of the focus on connecting school based knowledge to life outside the school and making learning of Science, Mathematics a joyful and meaningful activity, to bring focus on innovation and use of technology, the Rashtriya Avishkar Abhiyan (RAA) has been launched. It is a convergent framework that aims at nurturing a spirit of inquiry and creativity, love for Science and Mathematics and effective use of technology amongst children and encourage those who show an inclination and talent for these subjects to be encouraged and supported to heights of academic excellence and research


      Future economies and societies will emerge and will be based on creativity and innovation. Those with futuristic thought leadership shall start investing in creating curiosity, excitement and exploration among school children in Science, Mathematics and Technology. Create a culture of thinking, inventing, tinkering and doing to promote Inquiry based learning in Schools.


      Looking forward innovative thoughts fro you all as how can we start small to achieve big strides towards the mission.............