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    How are educators recognized in your district?


      In Bob Moore's recent blog post - Reminder for Leaders - Recognition Matters | K-12 Blueprint Bob reminds us to take the time to thank teacher, administrators and policy leaders for making change possible in a district. 


      How are contributors thanked in your district? 


      Are they acknowledged in a board meeting?  Do they get some type of district or school award?  A certificate for their work? A simple thanks?  I have seen some districts award a teacher of the month or principal of the month to an outstanding individual in their school or district. 


      Sometimes it is just the simple thank you that goes along way.  Reply and share your ideas.

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          Our principal might write an email of appreciation and cc it to the superintendent, or write a note and put a copy in our file. Some activities are mentioned at Board of Ed. meetings. My district/school tends does not tend to give awards because that causes divisiveness amongst staff.

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            It has been awhile since I have taught but I don't remember there being a big  recognition program. I think we had a "teacher of the month" for each building but it wasn't valued much or celebrated. It also was just based on other teacher's votes. I am eager to hear what innovative schools are doing now and see if there are programs that are meaningful and don't cause the divisiveness that Elizabeth mentioned. How can all teachers feel appreciated?

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              My school and district have a few ways they recognize teachers.

              • In EVERY faculty meeting, my principal puts out a pile of "Jaguar Georges." These printed handouts look similar to money. They are each good for one "BIG" cookie from the cafeteria. Each faculty member is invited to come up and share something they observed another teacher doing in the past week. Regularly there are about ten teachers who are recognized this way.
              • In EVERY faculty meeting, my principal takes time to recognize teachers who have done something significant. (E.g. the track coaches, the choir teacher, the drama teacher, etc.) He explains how their effort encourages students to do their best and his gratitude for them.
              • Every other month our district board of education holds a meeting at one of the district schools. During this meeting, they recognize teachers, staff, and administrators who have made a difference at that school. These recognitions are shared in the district newsletter.


              I look forward to hearing about other ways teachers are recognized.

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                Julia Fischer in my district:

                • Only a few school have their own criteria and they use teachers' day, independence day, republic day or annual function to honour contributors.
                • In most of the  cases contributors never get a recognition.
                • In some other cases authorities invite application from contributors but this is not a good practice.