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    Walk Away Question


      According to research, 80% of classroom questioning is based on low order, factual recall questions.  So how can questioning be effectively used in planning lessons to empower students and support mastery learning?  Intel uses curriculum framing questions; to build higher order thinking skills and engage students in the questioning process.  In addition to using Intel’s curriculum framing questions to support inquiry, I end the lesson with a walk away question. The walk away question is a strategy to close the lesson and give students something to think about.  It offers students a chance to reflect and focus on academic growth while providing thinking and processing time.  An example of a walk away question is:

      In what ways can you use what you learned in class today to make a positive change in your community?

      What questioning strategies do you use to create a climate of inquiry, to engage students in analyzing and evaluating content to build high order thinkers and masters of their learning?  What would be a walk away question that you would ask?

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