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    Classroom Challenge - Going Global - August 2015


      Global Classroom brings social media to eLearning. Using familiar tools, you can create a private online community; bring groups together to work on projects and share resources, foster communication using discussion forums, and store and share documents and media. Harnessing the power of popular tools, Global Classrooms bring social media to eLearning.  Members can build community by sharing ideas, engaging in discussions, and collecting information.  Global Classrooms can be used to connect students from across the world; allowing them to experience diverse perspectives, new and challenging concepts, and authentic learning.

      Time zones are important when creating a global learning environment.  It is essential that participants are aware of times and time zones. The world clock time converter, world Clock meeting planner, and event time announcer, http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html, provides a great start especially if there is interest in making real time connections.  This month’s challenge will build global knowledge, provide sources for building a global network and share tools to collaborate with global partners.



      World Clock Converter




      Project Explorer



      OverviewConvert time zones taking into account daylight savings time (DST) and local time zones.  Provides current times around the world.Connect with educators to discuss projects, explore content, join and create space for collaborative projects. Use search tools.Explore multimedia content and lesson plans to enhance geography, global awareness, and cross-cultural understanding.Create a private room and collaborate with 8 or more people at no charge.

      Event time Announcer/fixed Time - Show local times worldwide for your event.  Meeting Planner - Find suitable time for international meeting.

      Search tools to find potential classroom matches.  Email tool to invite classrooms to join projects.  Create and post projects.

      Watch and learn - select grade level and begin quest

      Global IQ - take quiz to assess your global knowledge.

      Initiatives - learn about 10 million initiatives.

      Copy the link to your room and invite others to join through e-mail, chat, SMS etc.



      Going Global

      1.    Join twitter and follow educators

      2. Join a community to share and obtain ideas, classroom lessons, projects, and activities

      3. Make global friends

      4.   Explore digital tools

      5. Participate in Global Projects


      Lesson Ideas

      1. Create opportunities for students to investigate the world by designing authentic projects that require students to collaborate with global partners.

      2. Create and share a spreadsheet of products with students from other countries to compare prices.

      3. Read stories with settings from various countries and have students contact classes from the country to ask questions about living there.

      4. Have students create and collaborate on a short story with global partner.

      5. Students create and share must see tourist attractions with global partners.



      Your Challenge

      Here is your opportunity to learn and share.  Click on this link and select your country of residence.  Your country should turn blue when selected.  Download the image and upload it to this thread along with an important fact and information on a must see site for tourists visiting your country. What country can you partner with to facilitate teaching concepts in your curriculum?