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    Monitoring goals and reflecting on progress


      In his recent blog post Hank Thiele shared Get Your Dreams On the Calendar | K-12 Blueprint, where he reflected on educators creating goals for the coming school year and thinking about how they will monitor and reflect on their progress.


      I thought about my own professional learning goals and what I hope to accomplish.  For now I have two goals that I would like to put out there.

      • Every month give my self time to review, explore and learning one new app, tool, resource - there are constantly new educational resources out there and I want to stay current so I can make better suggestions of tools to use in training and working with my university students. I plan on keeping a log of all the tools I explore.  If you come across something "new" send me a message so I can check it out.
      • Professional Reading - take the time to read more books on educational technology-its easy to read articles and magazines but I want to take time again to dive into reading a published book.  Anyone up for a virtual book club?  If so let me know titles and maybe we can read and discuss a book each quarter. 


      I then thought about all the educators in the Engage Community and thought about the following questions:

      • How do you set goals and monitor progress? 
      • What goals do you have for the current year?


      In addition to sharing our goals maybe there are ways we can support each other virtually. What do you think?

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          julesfischy this is such a timely discussion. I met with my principal today along with the other department chairs in the building. Our first PD will be an Ed Camp. We have four teachers who are willing to facilitate different areas. Staff will select which session they want to attend (and may leave mid session if it is not in their needs.)


          Our goal is for teachers to identify which areas they wish to improve on. We hope there to have one open PD each month for these teachers to work on.


          Each group is allowed to identify what goal(s) they wish to work on. The only requirement is each goal must relate to student engagement or achievement.

          • My personal goal is to identify an activity for each unit which allows students to use technology in deeper thinking.

          Groups may identify a book they wish to read or focus on articles.

          • I hope to find teachers with a similar goal. Together we may identify a book or article topic to focus on.
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              This discussion got me thinking.


              As a Principal, I need to have goals to promote motivation, learning, sharing and collaborating.

              A few similar practices I am already following in my school such as:

              * Each teacher is supposed to choose a book from the selected books for teachers in the library, read, note the important take aways and share with their colleagues during the            monthly staff meet.

              * Research weekly for visual aids and share and collaborate with their co workers.


              From this post, I am motivated to emphasize more on feedback so that I can encourage more collaboration and sharing.

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                The topic children should be thinking about the short term & long term goals to be achieve with reference to the strategies to be adopted for the same. Also important is the creative freedom and most essentially the time made available for the same.

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                  Glen - would love to hear more about your Ed Camp.  Will materials be shared digitally? So that if a teacher can't decide between two sessions they can get the information by attending one live- and then view the other materials on their own time?

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                      During our planning discussion the question of digital sharing was brought up. The department heads determined that we would not be providing digital sharing at this time. The thinking behind this decision is that providing a "link" without the person being present for the discussion would be less helpful. We hope teachers will "share ideas" with others who were not in the session. I'm not sure how well this will work - but think if a teacher friend provides an idea it may be looked at more closely than if the idea is only provided as a link and short explanation online.

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                      Here is what my principal sent out in today's email to all teachers:


                      When I think about how I usually improve the most, it is generally something that matters to me and it is something that I choose to engage in. (Yet our PD model generally doesn't address these important elements of motivation.) We expect you as teachers to differentiate instruction with kids, and we are going to attempt to differentiate professional development.  This is a significant paradigm shift.  We will explain more on Friday.  Please do two things to be prepared for our "Ed-Camp" on Friday morning--

                      • Ask yourself, "what one personal behavior or classroom characteristic would have the biggest impact on student achievement in my own class?"  Another way to ask the question, would be, "what one behavior or classroom characteristic is detrimental to student learning in my own classroom?"  Please think about this question, and think about how you might start addressing it personally or how working with a group of teachers, an instructional coach, or an administrator could help you progress on that element. 
                      • Second, if you have found something--an article, book, Ted Talk, YouTube video, or something from a colleague that has helped you improve student learning in the area you are currently targeting (or would like to target) in your class, bring it with you on Friday.  We hope to create a forum for you to drive your own professional development in a collaborative context. We'll all learn from each other and hopefully be able to make "professional development" more meaningful for you than it ever has been. 

                      I hope you've had a renewing summer, and I look forward to our time together.  Come ready to engage!