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    Global Selfie Stick Project - Let's Talk About Selfie Sticks and YOU!


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      Selfie sticks - you may have seen them and you may even be using them in your personal or professional lives. But do selfie sticks have an educational purpose and value in education? We have designed a Global Selfie Stick Project that will take us all on a journey to cover vast lands, interview interesting students and teachers, and share inspiring selfie stick visual stories to build a global community of learners.


      During this Global Selfie Stick Project  we will explore 7 online quests composed of game-based learning challenges to have each of you and your students critically think, problem solve and discover educational and purposeful ways to utilize selfie sticks in your classroom, in your school or in your home environment to empower student and teacher learning.


      QUESTION: How are you using selfie sticks in your classroom to empower and engage student learning?


      Please Complete Global Selfie Stick Project Survey https://naomiharm.typeform.com/to/iYDLPz

      The survey will collect baseline data to create the remaining 6 future global selfie stick quests and interactive game-based learning challenges.  Check back each week at the Global Selfie Stick Project page starting on Monday morning August 17th to participate in a new quest to engage you and your students with this interactive Global Selfie Stick Project. Completion of each *Quest and *Bonus Reflection will earn you and your students a digital badge to document your learning and sharing of ideas.

      Twitter: Our Twitter hashtag for this global project will be #GlobalSelfieStick Feel free to share with your teacher friends to be active participants in this back to school project!



      Quest #2 -  QUEST #2 The Results Are In And The Quest #2 Challenge Is Live!  - Tackk


      1. READ AND REVIEW: You will learn how and why a selfie stick was created twice through this article and why these tools are important to students relating to the Edutopia article "Schools and the "instaself" Lives of Teens."
      2. WATCH DIY SELFIE VIDEO: Watch the "Build Your Own Selfie" video I challenge you to create your own selfie stick or has they say in Germany "selfie poles"  if you do not have your own.
      3. EXPLORE BACK TO SCHOOL STUDENT PROJECTS: Discover and create your own "Back To School" activities and how they just got better with a self stick. Explore one of Shelly Terrel's Back to School Selfie Adventure for Your Students or with your staff- and recreate your own self stick moment to start the learning process.
      4. BONUS CHALLEGE REFLECTION AND PHOTO SHARE: Reflect on Quest #2 as it relates to the following questions and post your reflection and photo below or in the Tackk stream located here QUEST #2 The Results Are In And The Quest #2 Challenge Is Live!  - Tackk



      Quest #3 - QUEST #3 - ultimate back to school staff meeting photo and back to school fun

      https://tackk.com/jaarfz #GlobalSelfieStick



      Quest #3 is now live and the focus this week is on the "ultimate back to school staff meeting photo and back to school fun." This means that this week's Quest is providing you an interesting challenge to have you introduce your selfie stick to your staff- or explain what a selfie stick is to your collegues. Show them how easy it is to use the selfie stick and take a group photo from the most "unlikely" or inspirational school enviroment setting to tell your team's story. Please share by reflecting how this activity made you laugh, made you connect personally and professionally with your colleagues and any new brainstormed ideas that came out of your fun and laughter filled conversations.


      *Please upload your "ultimate back to school staff meeting" photo and reflect on the Global Selfie Stick Project comment stream https://tackk.com/jaarfz to earn your Quest #3 badge. Label your post "Quest #3 Challenge" with your school's global location of state and country, and participants will then guess where your selfie stick photo took place in your school environment. Feel free to share additional clues to make this a real quest and as a "mystery global selfie stick adventurous challenge."



      QUEST #4 - Back to nature and building a community of learners

      https://tinyurl.com/GlobalSelfieStick  #GlobalSelfieStick



      Quest #4 is now live and the focus this week is on "back to nature and building a community of learners." This means that this week's Quest #4 is providing you a school challenge to have you introduce your global selfie stick project to your students- and explain the importance of what is an AUP (acceptable use policy).

      As part of a back to school activity, many educators need to collect those AUP"s the first week of school to have permission to use a student's personal photo in a school wide project, so what a better way than to relate it to a relavent photo project opportunity.  Make sure you have your students and/or teachers bring in their signed AUP's from their parents this week. Next,  take an interesting class photo to capture the beauty of your outside school environment and upload your "back to nature - building a community of learners photo" to the stream below to earn your Quest #4 digital badge.

      CHALLENGE REFLECTION: Please reflect on your learning with sharing student quotes of this outdoor learning photo experience with your selfie stick, and share if your students have come up with any great ideas to replicate this project or how and why they would use a selfie stick photo opportunity for educational good.


      QUEST #5 - Student and Teacher -Centered Learning Through A Wild Goose Chase

      https://tinyurl.com/GlobalSelfieStick  #GlobalSelfieStick


      Happy Labor Day Weekend Everyone!

      Quest #5 is now live and the focus this week is on "Student and Teacher-Centered Learning Through A Wild Goose Chase." This week's Quest #5 is providing you a game-based learning challenge to take you on a student-centered wild goose chase. Yes- "Goose Chase I said" with a scavenger hunt gaming component as a student-centered collaborative team effort.

      The Goose Chase game I have designed for you is a scavenger hunt using your selfie stick to take photos from a dedicated list of photo-based missions/tasks for participants to complete. Each mission has a name, description and point value, with the option of including a link or a photo to provide information. Here is how to get started.

      1. Have one one of your team members download and log into to the iPhone or Android Goose Chase app, and then join our game called "Student Centered Collaborative Learning." Please remember- only one team member needs to do this. You can search for our game name in the search field of the Goose Chase app.

      2. I have sent the game's password to each of you that completed the Quest #1 survey, as you provided me with your email from the beginning of this global collaboration project :-) Once you enter the password into the Goose Chase app associated with our game name, you have the opportunity to complete 10 missions this week and submit a photo opp using your selfie sticks to document your completed missions and earn virtual points with your collaborative team members.

      3. Photo proof is required to receive points for a mission. Just select the mission you want to complete from the mission list, take a picture with the phone's camera or selfie stick and press the submit button. You'll receive the points right away, but remember that all photos are subject to review. This means that you can lose those points at any time if the photo isn't good enough. The ability to see everything as it happens is one of the truly special parts of Goose Chase. That's because whenever someone completes a mission, the photo is added to the activity feed and the rankings are automatically updated. It's a huge improvement over the traditional scavenger hunt. At any given moment, you know exactly how you are doing and what needs to happen to win.

      4. When time runs out after our 7 day time allotment period I have setup for this game, the game may be over, but the fun is definitely not. That's because organizers still need to announce the final scores after they review the photos. It's why you should always push hard until the very end, because you don't know if the teams ahead of you will have taken any shortcuts! As a final treat, the organizer will put together a photo slideshow of the best of the best photos. From my experience, this is often the best part and always results in non-stop laughter. I hope you enjoy this Goose Chase scavenger hunt as much as I have had putting Quest #5 together over this Labor Day weekend for all of you! It is gguaranteed that this collaboration activity will be your learning highlight of your coming week with your students and/or staff. Have a blast with Quest #5!

      QUEST #5 CHALLENGE REFLECTION: Share two quotes on the Global Selfie Stick page through the comment stream or add your comments below from your students and/or your staff that capture the learning inspiration or extension of classroom lessons from this team collaboration activity.



      Quest #6 - Personal and Professional Transformations




      Some of you particpated in Quest #5 this past week- where you took the initiative and went on a wild goose chase with your staff and students with the Goose Chase app. Well, this week it is up to you to choose your own adventure to create a physical fitness design challenge with your students or staff with your selfie sticks. Yes, you and your students come up with the physical design challenge activty.

      QUEST #6 CHALLENGE REFLECTION OPTION #1: This means you and your sudents deign the Quest and share back the challenge with another team of students at your school, or back in this online community to challenge each of us to particpate in your #GlobalSelfieStick collaboration activity to engage and motivate us- so we get to move to think, and stay active. Post your Quest challenge in the comment stream below Or on the selfie stick webpage. Global Selfie Stick Project - Tackk

      As another option to Quest #6, some of you as educators have gone through a professional and/or personal transformation over this last year. Whether it was health/diet/wellness, or accepting a new teaching job, adding a new family member, or a new family move- to a new location to live.

      QUEST #6 CHALLENGE REFLECTION OPTION #2: Either way, would love for you to share your transformation story(s) through some selfie visuals and reflections in the comment stream below. Your reflection should include your celebration story of your professional or personal transformation over this last year. Can't wait to read your stories and view your selfie photos of positive change!


      Final Quest #7 - Capturing Family or School Memories Through Digital Storytelling

      https://tinyurl.com/GlobalSelfieStick  #GlobalSelfieStick


      After 7 weeks of quests we have finally made it to our final quest- Quest #7, and what a better way than to celebrate through capturing a family or school memory and creating a digital story about the event. Everybody has a story to tell and by allowing more stories to be told we build stronger community relationships with the people around us that we value and trust as friends, family members and our students, Whether it be through traveling adventures, or a family celebration or a life transformation event or a school field trip, Quest #7 is all about sharing your story with the world- through captured photo(s) and adding your favorite quotes or sound track to celebrate life's great memories.

      QUEST #7 CHALLENGE: Take a series of selfie stick photos and create a Pic Collage which works on any mobile device, or create a digital story and include your favorite quote(s) to tell your story. It is your choice of what type of collage or digital story creator tool of app you want to use. If you would like to try something knew, check out Adobe Voice or Adobe Slate the free iPad apps to create beautiful and professional looking digital video stories for playback. Or lastly, create your story through an interactive book using Book Creator Free for any device  and share your digital story in the comment stream below or on the Global Selfie Stick webpage.

      BONUS CHALLENGE: Tap into the free iPad app of SnapBooth - yes the Twitter Mirror rage that is capturing life's moments all over the world right now- from sporting events, to the Grammy's, to edtech events, and to family celebrations. It allows for you to tranform your iOS device into an instant photo booth and share your photo with the world. This idea came from Velvet Holmes, amazing teacher friend from Oregon, WI schools as she attended the Green Bay football game last night. Thanks Velvet and GO PACK GO!!!  Now if I can only get ahold of the actual Twitter mirror framed case from Twitter :-) I am thinking this could be a great DIY Makerspace project for many of you!


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