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    Digital Literacy- Importance of Understanding Information from The Digital Buzz



      This live broadcast will focus on digital literacy and the importance of understanding information. Many ideas will be shared of how to model and implement digital literacy best practices with your students and with grade level sections of Prek-2, 3-5, 6-8 and 9-12. Naomi will incorporate the ISTE Student Standards and Student Profiles to compliment the grade level student learning experiences and projects you can use tomorrow in your classroom. Also Common Sense Media is metioned and the imporantce of digital literacy and digital citizenship in and out of the classrom.


      Click here to access the link of the Digital Literacy radio broadcast  Digital Literacy- The Importance of Understanding...

      QUESTION- How do you incorporate digital literacy skills, lessons and activities to have students interact and understand multiple formats of information? Please share an example, lesson or an idea that is effectively working well for you and your school teams.


      Here are the resources mentioned in her live broadcast show today.

      1. Digital Literacy http://digitalliteracy.us

      2. Alice Chen  Blog Alice in WonderTech: The 9 C's of Digital Literac...

      3. ISTE http://iste.org/STANDARDS

      4. ISTE STudent Profiles Standards for Students

      5. Book Creator App http://www.redjumper.net/bookcreator

      6. Tellagami App Animate Your Life | Tellagami

      7. Stop Motion and support page http://www.nfa.edu/student-resources/stop-motion-...

      8. Art Sonia http://wwwartsonia.com

      9. Tynker Tynker | Programming courses for kids - Tynker | ...

      10. Common Sense Media http://www.commonsensemedia.com

      11. Digital Literacy Toolkits http://digitalliteracy.us/digitaltoolkits

      12. EdTech Challenge B.1 Course Introduction - Ed Tech Challenge

      13. 20 Guiding Questions To Support Your Digital Literacy Plan http://www.teachthought.com/2-guiding-questions-d...

      14. Kathy Schrock Digital Literacy Resources Literacy in the Digital Age -    Kathy Schrock's...

      15. Voxer - Using Voxer to Streamline School Communication | Edutopia  and Voxer app Messaging, Walkie Talkie app for Team communication | Voxer

      16. SLACK Is Slack the new LMS? — The Synapse — Medium  and SLACK app Apps | Slack

      17. Genius Hour Genius Hour - Where Passions Come Alive - Genius Hour

      18. Student Driven Passion Projects- Pinterest Collection Passion Project on Pinterest | Genius Hour, Ib Learner Profile and Ib Classroom

      19. Genius Hour and 20% Time from Joy Kirr Genius Hour / 20% Time - LiveBinder

      20. Read-Write-Think: Teaching With Blogs Teaching With Blogs - ReadWriteThink