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    5 September Teacher's Day


      Every year Teacher's Day is celebrated throughout India to pay respect to Teachers.

      With the advent of Technology in Education have we arrived at a crossroad where a

      New Avataar is required for a Teacher ?

      What should be the New Avaataar of the 21st century Teacher ?

      Your comments please ?

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          Hi Shyda ... an interesting and very relevant question. With change becoming a constant it is necessary to change the way we think and envisage the role of a teacher.


          I would say ... its become more important ...with increase in the number of distractions/options ... students need more help and support to decide on the right choices ... and only the teachers can help in doing so.


          So to me a 21st century teacher is one who can connect with students in a more objective manner; is tech savvy and can articulate her point of view in a way so as to have the desired impression on her students while also having an open mind to hear what the students have to say!


          Happy Engaging !

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            Hello Shyda...........

            very important question

            In our educational carrier every year we are geting studetns who are more tech savy, confident and Straight forward.

            To give them pour best we have update ourselfs frequently by learning new technologies and have to stay connected with them

            Now a days the role of "Teacher" is changed, they have to be a "Facilitator"

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              Yes of course mam, Change is the law of nature, so with the changing scenario every teacher has to bring out HIS new Avataar.

              For that one has to be motivated internally to adapt this change .

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                Yes!!! and the new weapons required are..
                1. World-class Communication Skills
                2. Technical Knowledge of handling 21 Century Devices used for education
                3. Knowledge of using the features of web 2.0


                Thanks and regards

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                  Yes. I think a change is most welcome to match  the fast pace of advancing technology.

                  Infact I am excited about this idea of flipped class , it becoming a regular feature everywhere.....in a short time.

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                    Thank you Maam...Every Teacher should take initiative to implement the latest technology in their respective class room..

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                      Of course teachers have to take new Avtaar. As the scenario is changing, teachers also need to change. Only a updated teacher can satisfy his/her students.

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                        Thank you shyda mam....for calling such expert faculties to make us more expert. It's my first FDRC workshop. It's great experience and i have learnt a lot and more to learn.

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                          Yes,ma'am....New Avataar for teachers is the need for today's scenario...each and every teacher should know the technology based education and should be the technical expert...I am highly obliged to you for providing us useful training sessions.

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                            Now all the teacher must make their new avtar in technology world, teacher should make use of technology in their teaching learning process and make the students as e students

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                              job of a teacher is never ending. a teacher learns throughout his/her life to keep pace with the changing technologies

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                                Thanks FDRC Faculty for giving new Avtaar to the Educators of APS..............Learning can never end.

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                                  Hi Shyda


                                  Indian culture ingrains in us a reverence of the Guru or Teacher second only to God...the Teacher, for many of us, has been the mentor we chose to emulate in some way or the other.

                                  Today when learning has moved beyond   "Updesh" & "Adesh" -   morals & instructions that were relegated to the classroom, the role of the Guru or Teacher is that much more challenging.

                                  A Teacher has always had a tremendous influence on the students -  gestures...words...conduct....mannerisms.....students will observe and copy it all - sometimes in jest but mostly without even realising it at that time....

                                  Yes today the Teacher has a lot more to be aware of - a lot more to keep up with..... technology as it seems is advancing almost by the minute....but then there is so much more that can be made available to Students through the Teacher.

                                  It may be argued that Teachers don't have the time to keep up with the latest trends in technology ....but a discerning Teacher can reverse the equation and learn from the Students...can learn from her Peers....can learn from her Family: Friends; Children....updates are available all that's required is for our minds to download and apply them :-)

                                  The real  examination here is whether we Teachers are willing to learn...or have we closed our minds and predetermined our horizons.....


                                  Here's to the 21st Century Teacher...keep exploring new horizons .... and discover a new world!


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                                      Dear Sharon ,

                                      Thank you soooo verry much for the wonderful insightful and meaningful response. I read it out to all the teachers undergoing TAeL workshop at FDRC . They all are thrilled and amazed by your response. They send their heartfelt thank you to you for the response. with all teachers from different APS schools of the country Thank you maam!!!!!

                                      Anita. Daisy, Natasha,Souradeep,Rajesh,Vidhi,Bharti,Poonam,Bandana,Gourav,Shailly,Binu, Bhagwan,Archana,KK Sir,Bhuvan,Parvesh,Veer Vinay the selfie man, Bindu,Dinesh,Rajeev,Abir,Kalpana,Kalyan,Sonal,Sunita,Neelima,Arti,Sheeraz and Shyda !!!

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                                      Thank You SHYDA Mam.... you have a v.good QUALITY that you entertainer first & hold audience’s attention, then you start teach lesson...


                                      Which I have learnt from you to put self in the place of those who find learning hard..



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                                          Veer Vinay Sir I am grateful to you for your feedback. I have these great qualities as you mentioned because of people like you and your keen interest to participate. Thank you for making my qualities better every day! I am learning from you all.