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    Is your school or classroom vision clear?


      I just read a great reflection written by Jennifer Mullenax, a principal in Baltimore County Public Schools who shared her journey - School Transformation from the Ground Up | K-12 Blueprint. In her reflection she emphasized how important the school vision was and that the other pillars of transformation emerged once they had a clear vision.  I recall working on an updated mission statement for our middle school. Once we agreed on the language it was clear to follow and other expectations and standards fell into place. 


      I also think about the work I do with pre-service educators and although I was not involved in the mission statement for the Secondary Education program it is one that clearly sets the vision and expectations. As an educator it allows me to reflect on the assignments and criteria for those assignments so that I make sure that I am fostering creativity, collaboration and critical thinking. The mission is included in the course syllabus and I hope that it inspires my students to think about the quality of the work when they submit it. 


      Does your classroom or school have a clear vision or mission?  How does it help you? Your students?  Share your thoughts.