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    Voice Typing In Google Docs and More Hidden Gems



      Ok teacher friends- checkout this nifty new addition in Google Docs- Voice Typing- this is going to save me an enormous amount of time to capture my critical thinking ideas, thoughts and reflection through enhanced voice to text word processing.


      Click on the link to view the video overview explaining and showcasing what Video Typing is. The video was captured using the Chrome Extension of Screencastify Voice Typing In Google Documents.webm - Google Drive

      Please note- It may take a few weeks before this feature shows up in your educational accounts within your schools, but your personal gmail accounts should have this enabled very soon.


      How do you see yourself using this new voice typing feature in Google Docs, and how do you see your students using this feature to enhance verbal reflection or digital projects? Please share your ideas!!!

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          NaomiHarm I see major writing changes for Special Education students.  Those who have coordination challenges will see a huge benefit. I think there may be a greater benefit to the dyslexic student.

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            Naomi- I agree with you that I speak faster than I type that this is a great tool.  I shared it with my daughter and as someone who spends a lot of time in the car travelling to soccer practice or games she likes the idea of speaking her paper instead of typing it on her phone. The technology options and support in creating a paper have come a long way. 

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              This is a terrific resource!  I will be sharing it with teachers, students, and administrators.  I see great benefit to students taking online courses with intensive writing projects too.  My second master's degree was entirely online- I loved the program, but there were times when my hands actually ached from all of the typing I was doing.  This option would provide a nice relief from some of that typing. 
              I have a son who has a learning disability that impacts his writing.  He has used Dragon, but it is very expensive and has limitations, so he stopped using it.  I'm very eager to have him give this new Google Docs feature a try. 

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                OK if you like Voice Typing you are going to like Choice Eliminator as an Add-on in Google Forms. Choice Eliminator makes it possible to not get duplicate signup times for parent teacher conferences, computer signup lab times, staff meetings and so on. Try it, you will like it!