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    'Teacher -Student relation in Digital World'


      In this world of Digitization and gadgets at times one thought catches my imagination..... and the thought is ' what and how is the relationship of a teacher and student is in this Digital age?' Then at next moment I feel why such thought engross my mind.. and there I see a teacher who is reluctant to adopt and adapt to technology as a tool and there is a students who is living with technology.

      The disparity in the kind of information students gets from his teachers and what he gets from other sources at his disposal creates a big rift. He is confused...... reaches to his teacher and try to make his point but what he gets ....'rebutted' .... why?..... as teacher is not updated with latest information and tools.... next time student stop asking anything........ question arises are we really giving right kind of education and learning to our students?......... then there is talk of ... bringing back the age old Indian tradition of 'Guru -shishy parampara'....... Without understanding the child of today and his world how can we 19th & 20th century teachers expect age old golden''guru-shishy relationship flourish again?


      Please reflect.....

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          In whichever age humans live one relationship that will abide all relationships is the relationship of trust  building between two human beings. The classroom relationship is also very attributed towards the kind of understanding we build with our learners . Building Trust will pay the way for building rapport , confidence and yield to sharing knowledge . Ultimately it will lead to Knowledge co creation , innovation using Technology by the digital driven learners infused with the experience and expertise of the Non digital teachers , Surely wecan bridge the gap!

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              That's very true. But teachers will have to now get into the habit of adapting to new trends of teaching learning methodologies and judicious integration of technology. Today's teacher now have to leave the 20th century thought process behind and sync up with the educational needs of 21st century. Need to expand their horizon of thinking and start looking for NEXT practices to be a step ahead of students so that their terminology is ahead of students.


              Students will not only accept this but will be more attached to this new ways of learning.

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                  I agree with you. Now in this era of technology students are more advanced. Even if we talk about the kids of primary classes they are also familiar with the usage of technology. With this, the level of curiosity is also rising and students come up  with different and new question every time. So, if at that time teacher is unable to give proper solution even then it will affect the relationship of trust between teacher and student. So teachers should come ahead and make themselves familiar and comfortable with this technology. This will surely give them the fruitful results and their students will also be satisfied with their teaching  as well as  also they will look forward to learn something new from their teachers. It is just a matter of some time. Moreover nowadays computers and technology  are user friendly. Certainly once the teachers will build their interest in this they will also start enjoying working with technology.

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                Good evening Sir,

                I agree with you, digital world will help the children to process the information to form new knowledge, the pattern he/she perceived in his mind the learning will take place.

                THANK YOU