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    online education

      How does online education contribute to achieve more effective and efficient learning?

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          Bonnie Feather

          I believe there are benefits to students of all ages and purposes. In high-school age students every learner has a voice, and must contribute. When rubrics are designed to review the contributions of all, it is fairer. Shy students have opportunities to contribute. All students have equal access to the materials, the instructor's time and assistance, and each other.


          All the same apply to adult learners, but they also have opportunities to access education opportunities at convenient times; regardless of their work schedules.


          What are some other thoughts?



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            دمج التكنولوجيا واستخدامها يساعد المعلم اولا اتاحة موارد اكثر للتعلم وتحقق اهداف التعلم بصورة اكبر واستخدام مهارات القرن الواحد والعشرين

            وبالنسبة للمتعلم اتساع الافاق مواكبة التقدم زيادة المواردوتطبيق اهداف التعلم