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    INTEL Galileo Training IGNITES Students' passion !!!!


      The  Faculty Development & Research Centre organised the INTEL Galileo training for the students of Army Public Schools in New Delhi with the support of INTEL Education India . The IESC Team are conducting the training at the Centre. What is mazing and thrilling is to see the passion of the students.Two level trainings are being conducted . One is the advanced level for the students who underwent the training in April and a Basic level for the new students. On 7 th October when the students came  the number os students who were to participate was 30 students but now seeing their enthusiasm we just could not refuse the  learning spark! So we accommodated them with the limited number of Galileo boards available . However the vibrancy of ideas the boundless energy to explore and the seamless collaboration of thinking and working is spectacular to watch and observe .I am indeed thrilled to see how these students have got an opportunity to explore learning .On day two we had 10 more students join the group and now we have 55 students  On e of the questions they keep asking me is _ When would the next training happen for the Galileo Boards ?

      Another thing to mark they were neither interested in eating the refreshments nor playing frisbee !!!! Here some pictures of the students