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    New Members Start Here! (October-December 2015)


      bunnyatwork_small+(1).jpgWelcome to all new members! "New" simply means that you have not yet introduced yourself!


      Intel Education programs are expanding worldwide and improving education in many countries. This Engage Community is a place for educators from all over the world to find resources and like-minded educators.


      Please introduce yourself here and tell us a bit about your education duties. Will you be using Project-Based Learning in your situation? What are some challenges you experience in your teaching? What is the education system like in your country or state?

      We here at Teachers Engage are very excited about some changes that have been occurring in 2015. We are busy planning and creating new content we hope will be relevant and useful to you. Stay tuned and come back often! What we call "missions" are available for certain activities and you have the opportunity to earn badges by completing the actions listed. The missions and badges continue to grow! I encourage you to read the post on Gamification and Engage. It's new for us here! You'll want to work toward badges as you work in the community!


      We hope you participate in many areas of the community and "Like" those discussions and posts you find interesting! Visit the About Engage area, and especially the blog area. It will keep you up with featured content each month. Be sure to search for your areas of interest using the small search window at upper right. Keep your eyes peeled for a new blog especially created for new members.


      One way to find others interested in the same educational topics and questions is to start your own discussion. Look for the link on various pages to start your own discussion, and be sure to check back to see who has responded to you. One way to increase the likelihood of conversing with another member is to use their name with the @Mention feature. Click the link at lower right (@Mention) and type their name- click on them inside the popup. Then they will know you have an interest in similar areas.


      There are many Groups within the Engage Community. You can start a group of your own or join one already in progress. Watch a video at this link to learn more about how to join a group.


      Did you notice the "Bunny Person" image? Any time you see that image at the beginning of a discussion, it means that the discussion is incentivized. There will be a great prize drawn at the end of the time period. All names of those who introduce themselves in this discussion will be entered in the drawing! Prizes are not awarded until at least 10 different participants are in the discussion, so look for discussions which have not yet had much interest!


      To read new member discussions from our community's past, click here to visit the archives.

      Welcome! Please don't hesitate to contact me any time you have questions regarding the Engage Community!