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    what is Lessons comic?

      please answer all my question???

      - what is Lessons comic?

      -what tools we can use i?

      -how we can use it in education

      - give me example and site for activity

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          ToonDoo allows you to create comics. When my students create a comic, it is to tell a story. One example would be students sharing how scientists have learned about the structure of an atom. Each panel (box) of the comic is used to describe a different discovery.

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            Bonnie Feather

            @diaaeldein_yossry_hassan I taught in the younger grades. I often had students create comics to review a story they had read by showing the main events. Also, they could make a comic in which one person is re-telling the main points of a lesson to another student, or to their family at home. Many concepts can be reviewed quickly this way.


            I put "comic" in the search bar at the top of the page, and found this archived webinar which shows many sites for comic creation. It's from 2010, but you will find good ideas, then you can Google comic creators to find sites which are currently available. I'm sure some of them have changed!