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    What information do you share when sharing Tools and Resources?


      In Michael Gormon's latest blog post 10 Free Resources and Tools for Today's Classrooms | K-12 Blueprint he shares the name of the tool, a bit about it, how it supports a student-centered classroom and quick highlights of the tool.  I really like this list as from reviewing it I could easily determine which resources I wanted to further explore. 

      • When you share new tools and resources with fellow educators what information do you share? 
      • When you are getting recommendations what information do you look to receive before checking out a new tool? 


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        • Re: What information do you share when sharing Tools and Resources?

          I share tools similarly to Michael's format. As an instructional coach in my school, I often do the following:

          • I first ask the teacher what they want students to accomplish. (It is interesting how often I hear, "I want them to use the computer.")
            • I help the teacher identify what product students would produce or what students should learn from their experience.
            • I then suggest a tool that I have used which might meet their needs.
            • I offer to help them find a different tool if this one is not quite right.
          • I work with the teacher to help him or her identify what students will do and how the tool comes into use.
          • I check back with the teacher after the tool use to ask how things went.
            • I allow the teacher to reflect on the tool use.
            • I ask questions to help the teacher try to determine if the tool was a benefit for student learning.
          • I invite the teacher to contact me again when they have another similar challenge.