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    June's Engage Activity: Project Management




      You have created wonderful integrated projects all year long; but now that the school year is coming to a close, you are now wondering how to archive what you want to retain and delete what you don’t want any more. You also want an easy, quick solution to help you get ready for the next school year.



      A lot may depend on what application you used to create the projects. For example, you may have used a wiki, and you have several questions to ponder before deciding on a solution. Do you just create new pages for next year and put the older pages in folders? Do you rename the newest pages?  Or if you created projects using a blog tool, do you archive your project or do you start fresh?



      June’s activity will ask you to share examples of project management. How do you archive projects? How do you clean up old projects so you can start new ones? Give examples of project management systems you have used. Provide steps for implementation. Describe pros and cons of each management system.


      The winner of this month’s activity will receive an iPod Touch. Every time you post or leave a commnet, you will have another entry into the drawing (for legal reasons, we can only ship within the U.S., but it's fun to share without the chance to win an iPod.




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          Here is a tip on "General" end of the year project management.  Often, teachers and students work on projects and store items temporarily on the computers and laptops that they work with.  This is a good time of year to do some basic file management to prepare for summer school or for the next semester.


          Here is a prezi that we use during this process.  Basically, a group of teachers or students work individually in groups using specific time intervals to work on the 6 steps.  Divide up the time into 6 sections and use a timer on the IWB.   Display the following on the IWB:




          (to use a prezi, just click on the portion you want to view and it moves forward, click off or on "sprocket" icon to return to full poster)

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            Thanks to Jill Summers, another awesome Senior Trainer from Louisiana, I've discovered the wonderful world of Dropbox where I can archive files and projects future use or to share projects with other teachers.  It's definitely a new favorite tool of mine. 

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                I am not worthy . I have to give the credit to Glen who showed me Dropbox.....but I have to admit I love it too.

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                    I remember how excited Jill was when I showed her Dropbox! I have my Math and Science departments both hooked on it. They share common folders where they put common assessments as well as common handouts and assignments. My student teacher and I used Dropbox so much this past semester I wondered if I would fill up my quota . I am sharing folders with about 12 other people.


                    If you are new to Dropbox here are a few things that can help you:

                    1. Complete all of the instructions on the "Getting Started" tab ... this increases your 2GB Dropbox capacity by .25GB.
                    2. While you are on your "Files" tab click the "Get Extra Free Space" link at the bottom left. You will get a Dropbox address to share with others. Each person who signs up gets and extra .25GB storage when they add Dropbox from your link. A bonus is that you also get an extra .25GB space when they sign up!
                    3. You can get up to 8GB of total free space using these two methods .


                    I'd like to hear from others how they are using Dropbox in trainings and in the classroom. IMHO this is an awesome tool!

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                        Yes, I am really enjoying my dropbox account. I can see many possiblities with this for professional development and with student learning.  Imagine how this could be set up for homework folders so that students can drop electronic products into the drop box at home for viewing at school.


                        Also, for homebound students it would be terrific.

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                      I have recently begun using Dropbox for the curriculum I've been writing for our district. My question is, "When my grade level team has been using a wiki for a couple of years now, how might you suggest we even begin to use Dropbox as a tool for reorganizing, weeding, consolidating, etc...?" Or do you think it would be better to use some other strategy/ tool for this?

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                          My school's Science Department is using Dropbox for collaboration. There are separate folders for each subject. Subfolders include handouts, assessments, lab instructions, and ideas for lessons. We've found it very helpful as we teach lessons. The first person who is teaching makes edits to material and saves it back to Dropbox. If a student is absent, the most current edit is always available from any teacher's computer. These teachers are so excited by the collaboration benefits that it surprises me! I have Growl notifications enabled and was thrilled to see multiple edits made this afternoon to the test questions for our current 9th grade Earth Systems Unit. Our school's Math department consistently tells the Principal how Dropbox benefited their instruction "today" or "this week." I am very impressed with this tool and try to encourage as many people as I can to make use of it.

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                        If you are currently saving favorites/bookmarks to your school district computer.  More than likely you will find a time when you return after the summer and all of your sites associated with a project are missing due to summer clean up on equipment.


                        Instead, export your favorites to a jumpdrive or better yet...create a delicious account and export them there for save keeping and more versatile access.


                        First login or create your Delicious account and then click for  the directions for backing up your bookmarks to Delicious:






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                          Thanks everyone. These are great resources. In Texas we are beginning to use as a state, Episelen or Project Share which is a project management online resource.  Students can use the Epsilen drop boxes to submit assignments, and teachers can use them as a repository from which students can upload assignments.                        

                          The drop box tool provides a time-sensitive, secure repository to which students upload their assignment files. They can also set permissions to allow other students to view their files on an individual document basis as desired.                        

                          Educators can assign drop boxes for a complete course or for individual lesson plans or projects. They can lock drop boxes to prevent new uploads once the assignment period has expired and unlock again as desired.                        

                          They can also grade assignments directly from the drop boxes, with grades sent automatically to the gradebook.


                          We are attempting to use this interface this summer for our summer training so teachers can save their work almost like electronic portfolios.


                          I'll keep everyone posted on how it goes.



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                              While Epsilen seems like it will be a powerful tool, once everyone is actually trained and using it, AND once some of the glitches are ironed out. I do know that it was a big frustration this summer that, in order to upload a video, you had to go through YouTube or Google. These extra steps, which can get rather frustrating and cumbersome have already turned some teachers off. It is also a concern that it is not yet available for our students. If the students could access it when teachers first learn it, it would provide ways for teachers to use it in more meaningful ways and learn by experience.


                              I do like how Learning.com now has InSky which allows us to assign and grade work online, similar to using Dropbox. I have very high hopes for this, since so many teachers in Austin schools are already experienced and somewhat comfortable with Learning.com. Students already have their account numbers, as do teachers, so it will be that much easier to make the jump.

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                              When I finish up a school year, I burn the entire year's activities, multimedia projects, assessment tools, and student work to a DVD. DVDs are labeled and kept as a backup of what students and I have done during the year. I also burn a copy of the material for my student teacher so he/she has evidence in a digital portfolio of what they did during their time in my classroom. If we have done a class project that can be archived on CD, I have each student burn a copy of the project to a CD to keep as their individual portfolio.