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    Is sharing our natural instinct....??


      Only other day I was discussing with a colleague of mine on limited activity we do online.

      It is not a very consolidated thought, but rather I am thinking loud. I have a feeling that sharing, and working in a team are two important skills, every professional need to develop for his/her own growth.

      I recollect a time when we colleagues were seemingly very hesitant to share our good work. The only apprehension "shared" at that point of time, was that people would copy our initiatives, "without putting any effort". I used to laugh it away, and they too used to forget their resistances.


      If I scale my own mind-set, I find myself very introvert to share on my thoughts till it's in full bloom. Off late, since many years, I could see a visible change in myself.

      I am the one to adopt any role in the team, keeping aside my designated role. I have absolutely no hesitation in sharing my brightest idea to anyone on this planet.

      This all hasn't come easy. It's a constant result of working on myself, and adopting from people "who treated me so well" as part of their team, who accepted me the way "I am".



      Now if I link it with Technology, I think it has given a boost "to sharing".

      Now people share a lot online.

      The idea is to encash upon this "New Trend of Online-sharing" into a core of professional development of teachers and teacher-educators.

      Teachers are basically benevolent and kind to share their knowledge-bank.

      It would be highly beneficial for the community to enable them more with technology to provide their "Natural Sharing Instinct" on a broader platform.



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          That's a very interesting and thought provoking line of conversation and also nothing short of beinga  confession


          But its true ... what you are referring to here is a change in the thought process in the past couple of years. we all started with not wanting to share with others ... courtesy Competition & many more other things  ... but now it has slightly changed towards sharing ... collaborating ... a positive change indeed!