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      When following #IntelVisionaries programs in the USA a few weeks ago, I obtained new knowledge that I think will be very useful for teachers in the world (especialy in Indonesia) where many sources of educational and instructional video that has been there can not be utilized to the maximum because of the constraints LANGUAGE.


      When the presentation Dr. Chen held at Skywalker Ranch, which is an area of more than 7000 hectares of which are often used in making films - films such as Indiana Jones and Star Wars, located in remote areas, in Marin County - California, Mrs.Elizabeth demonstrate new features (new for me ) of Youtube where we can understand from the youtube video of the subtitle in accordance with the language we choose in this case Indonesian. I think this is very helpful to understand the video contains a lot of education and learning are uploaded on youtube using various languages to be understood its content more easily.


      Do you have experience using Youtube to learning in the classroom and how the usage policies Youtube for your students ?


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