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    How can we create broader online network base...??


      I attended 03 days "World Online Moderators Summit" in Portland in the month of November, 2015.

      It was a new experience seeing the difference use of technology is doing in the classrooms, broadening horizons of the teachers and students as well. Technology provides the users most of liberty in terms of time, and content.

      There is lot of sharing happening. An online activist can get solution to his/her problem and also involuntarily may post solution for some other counterpart in the other parts of the world, grappling with similar problem in the classroom.

      The best is that there are set of people 24*7 to help out, with real time solutions, and guidance.


      I have broadly two things on my mind regarding expansion of online network base:


      1- People who come to training Institutes for any sort of trainings, and who are reasonably operative with technology, must be enrolled on engage_india (IndiaEngage Community), and we need to evolve a strategy to monitor their online presence;

      2- Teachers, and Teacher-Educators who have received #eduacademy 's training, must be promoted as online content creator, and be oriented to become active-sharer on this broader forum.


      The above proposition can become a reality if TTIs can include one active online session in each and every training program. Also it requires a 2/3 days training capsules to orient teachers/ teacher-educators to access online tools, contexualizing them, creating and uploading to share.



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          Dear Lalita Ma'am..... a point well put forward. I would like to go forward and would like to suggest that TTIs and for that matter individual schools should create a pool of teacher educators/ teachers who are self motivated, and are interested to bring about a change in the way teaching & learning is happening in our system.


          Most of the time the training sessions do happen but they become ineffective because of the fact that target audience was not of the right composition. Most of the TEs / teachers are comfortable in their cocoons as they don't have to invest in real time thinking now. And real time thinking needs time and thoughts investment which only a very less percentage of us do & believe in.


          A pool of teachers with constructive futuristic approach would help us create an environment.....

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            I am impressed with the futuristic ideas you are considering. My experience in a broad network base helps me find new ideas for teaching students. I have confidence you will see similar results in your goals.

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              True Mam, in today's era the online teaching is a boon for the trainers and students specially for those who are having any disability. The DIET, Lucknow is doing a great job. But, to guide the trainers in a proper direction regarding the use of internet it has became inevitable that the participation of parents/guardians should be considered because many parents are unaware of the fact that what their children's are doing on their smartphones and laptops. At least, a session should be held where the Institutional authorities can make aware the Parents regarding the pros & cons of the use of internet. In this way two problems will be solved: 1. Many parents still think that internet is not necessary for teaching ( many trainers still put a lot of effort to convince their parents to go to cyber cafes ) & 2. Parents will start monitoring the activities of their children ( many trainers keep chatting on whats app and they tell their parents that they are reading the notes provided by the institute ). Thanks Mam, for suggesting this site.