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    How do you work to create multi disciplinary lessons?

      In a survey of 3,000 at-risk students in California, more than 80% stated they would study and work harder in school if they saw relevance to their future in the lessons being taught.  One way to move towards creating relevant lessons is to work with colleagues to create multi-disciplinary lessons. (http://www.connectedcalifornia.org/downloads/LL_Designing_Curriculum_Units_2010_v5_web.pdf)


      How do you build into your schedule time to collaborate with colleagues to create multi disciplinary lessons?

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          Several teachers that I teach with discuss multi-disciplinary lessons as we eat lunch. Then there are a few in my hallway who wander by each other's classroom and share ideas. I've noticed that these discussions do not get very deep and often do not seem to result in true multi-disciplinary lessons.


          What suggestions would you make for teachers who have a desire to create multi-disciplinary lessons, but are already busy teaching over 225 students?