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    Access to hardware to reach in the world of internet.....


      Before "Digital India" turns into reality providing access to hardware to all teachers and public to get facilitation on various level at delivery of services, the challenge is much tough for teachers, who are dealing with children of "21st century", who are supposed to be "carved" as Global citizen, as technology has narrowed the distances, and opened up a world with infinite possibilities, and opportunities.

      To all teachers,

      Are we waiting till then..??

      Are we waiting when we get machines to access internet in the school, or is there, short of this, any other option to handle technology effectively in the classroom, and providing the students "what exactly they need at this point of time"..??

      I have heard that many teachers are using technology effectively, and integrating it into course contents. We have many success stories in this categories.

      Can we all look up to such visionary teachers who are not waiting for everything "to be right", and contributing to the system, so that their children should not "miss the bus"...?

      Please share your story, your colleagues' story, and wonder practices in this field.......