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    Technology Accelerated Learning at FDRC 14-18 Dec 2015!


      Dear Friends,

      Once again welcome to Technology Accelerated Learning at Faculty Development & research Centre . This is the las Workshop for Teachers Inservice Training by the Army Welfare Education Society . Right now we have a group of Tech Savvy teachers from Army Public Schools PAN India working on using Tech devices and upgrading their teach skills for Integrating in classroom practice. The computer teachers with us are greatly Tech savvy and it is great to see Yatin Sir's video . We all had a good skype session inspite of the connectivity issues . Teachers all participated in the activity . Right now  the subject teachers are all engrossed in Lesson lanning and choosing the tools and the devices for integrating Technology in the classrooms .

      They have also been given training on the INTEL Education Flaghill Tablet  and for that the credit goes to ANOOP Sir out INTEL Tech Guru .

      SOME OF OUR TEACHERS HAVE CREATED THEIR STORY BOARDS AND FILMED THEIR VIDEOS . YEAH !! HOW GREAT IS THAT . tHEY ARE ABLE TO MAKE THEIR OWN CONTENT . THIS MORNING THERE WAS A LOT OF DISCUSSION ON WHAT AND HOW TO DESIGN THE COURSE CONTENT TO FACILITATE CONCEPTUAL BUILDING USING TECHNOLOGY . Our Teachers are working on the Mishra & Koehler TPACK Model to build their content design . The Design thinking which I was exposed to at the INTEL GLobal Visionary Program in US I have been able to share with the Teachers . Thanks to my interaction there I also shared  the INTEL Bluepprint for - Decision to go digital . This has now become a long post . so I will end here. It has been great learning sharing and growing with all of you . Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Very Prosperous healthy happy New Year  !      Warm Regards !!!!!!!