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    how to make your own blog on edublogs


      hey peers lets cheers for the future

      go on and make your own educational blog....




      regards . . .

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          thanks for info

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            Hello Yatin Sir. Awesome work! I am so very proud to see your post on blog . Fantastic . I am going to use this for the next TAeL class due in Sept . Wow well done keep up the great work . I had gone to attend the INTEL visionary meet . This time we had a session by Mitch Resnick the MIT Lab -Scratch program for coding and I also got the opportunity to visit the ISTE conference 2016. Had a lot of amazing things to see and learn from . ave you posted anything on Google Docs, Drive, etc as I will be taking that session also . Incase you do have I will be grateful. Thanks

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                hey shayda maa'm once again big fan ^.^

                here is a link to my blog


                here i have added

                how to use google form for assignments

                how to create a blog

                how to take a screeshot and save it

                how to make video in ur computer (movie maker)

                and how to make easy animations (online animation sites)

                you may use above mentioned link to access all the topics i have done on my blog.

                if you want me to work on any specific topic i can do that for you gladly.

                also i have uploaded some animated interesting videos on some topics of physics that some kids told me they found difficult to understand i am giving link of my youtube channel also please have a look.


                please suggest improvements also