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    Roadmap for expanding base.....


      It's strange that with so much boost in digital world, Education sector in India is only a partial receiver of this magical tool. It's again possible that people, specially teachers, and teacher-educators, may cite end number of reasons, they might be logically correct to some extent on inaccessibility to hardwares, deficit or erratic electric supply,low maintenance of the hardwares etc., but........

      the big question remains straight....."Why our children are loosing opportunities to become citizen of a larger Digital Global World...?"


      It's urgent to focus on Teachers' capacity building in handling technology, so that they can address the "needs" of TODAY'S CHILDREN.

      It's also expected that Teachers should individually look forward for open resources to help them accessing teaching and learning materials, this supports them just being "Users" of the technology. Consistency in using online materials have all potential to convert such motivating teachers/teacher-educators as principal producers,and sharers of similar wonderful materials that they use in their class rooms, so that teachers in the other part of the World get benefits based on someone else's experiences as well.


      It's recommended that

      • teachers and teacher-educators in large numbers are encouraged to get registered on Engage:
      • a core group of hyper-active users can be identified;
      • a core group of creators/ producers can be groomed;
      • also, it's a good idea to identify good teachers, get materials based on their experiences in the class room, and posting it on indiaengage;


      Such carefully designed and calculative steps would lead to broader participation and learning with technology to explore k12resource


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