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    Group Discussion/Group Work made easy !! more suggestions invited


      Dear Educators

      As academician we all vouch for the benefits of engaging students in group work and group discussions. It is a great method to develop critical skills like - cooperation, communication, respect , leadership in students.


      When we teachers ask students to work on a task in groups, we provide opportunities and open windows for engagement and, many time , for chaos!!!!

      I keep searching , discussing with educators for tips by which we can make these discussions more productivity and effective. Recently read a small, simple article offering some nice tips ...


      Would like to hear your views, tips , strategies you use in classroom so that we all may benefit

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          Thanks... nice informative blog on administering Group Discussion in class room.


          Group discussions have become integral part for organization to seek all the 21st century skills in the potential employee. If from the very beginning student understands the nuances of good GD and how group discussions help grow the personalities traits, I think many of the students will contribute to productive and good group discussions which ultimately will suffice the objective of teacher also of 'constructing learning curve in child'.

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              Thanks for the reply


              Recently have got the opportunity to interact with children in workshops where the activities provided them the chance to get involved in discussion . It was heartening to find some schools involving the children in group discussion. these children exhibited great collaboration and team work spirit. Their project also displayed quality.

              However major schools we saw the children were not aware of this process. Getting in groups was so difficult for them . It was really saddening to see that our schools are not focusing on these critical 21st century skills and people skills


              Hope our interventions brings this change in the schools

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                  There should be session on'Facilitating Group Discussion in Classroom' inbuilt in In-service and for that matter all training designed for teachers. The basic skill set and teh wjole idea of generating Group discussion environment is missing. The conceptualality of group discussion is not very well undersatood and implemented in the classrooms.


                  Students are involved by themselves in discussion which are not in proper shape or directions but still teachers don't observe this skill of students and involve them in designed group discussion activities.


                  In Flipped classroom scenario group discussions are one the main stay of promoting learning environment in classrooms.