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    What role will VR play in schools?


      Recently, I had the privilege of observing students in several schools around Portland as they experienced a new Google app called Google Expeditions.


      Google Expeditions gives students and teachers the opportunity to "visit" locations around the world, and even the Moon, using a virtual reality viewer called Google Cardboard.


      The students explored coral reefs, volcanoes, and the stratosphere --> places no school bus can take you. 


      I saw that most students enjoyed the experience of being immersed in a 360 degree photosphere of these hard-to-reach places.


      In my opinion, this kind of technology augments textbooks and documentary videos in a new and exciting way. I see great potential in using this type of technology to teach a wide range of subjects.


      To learn more about Google Cardboard and Virtual Reality in the Classroom, watch Deb Norton's PowToons presentation about virtual reality.


      Then, use the comments section here to share your thoughts!