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    Get Connected at TCEA


      Are any of the Engage members at TCEA?  I know that vkajones, blancaedu and heatherlogicwing are here.  Anyone else?  In addition to attending I am presenting two sessions

      • Wednesday -  The Leading Edge: Transformation Leadership for 1:1 Implementation - 1:15pm - 2:30pm room 17A
      • Thursday - Get Active: Reimaging Learning Spaces for Student Success - 8am - 9:30am  room 17A


      If you are attending what have you learned?  Replay and share.


      If you are not attending learn and follow virtually!  Twitter #TCEA16 and most presentation handouts can be found at - TCEA 2016 Handouts.  If you find something useful reply and share.


      I have already discovered a few new things  - and I will share at the end of the week.