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    Ending Teacher's Isolation - 1 out of several benefit of Digital Learning


      Few days back read somewhere 'Digital Learning is Ending Teacher's isolation".


      It really made a impact on my mind and I was taken back onto memory lanes. There were times when the way to connect among teacher was only phones and many times even this option was not available (This was in year 2003 and 2004). As teacher trainer and Managers we faced a disconnect with our teachers and vice versa.


      I still remember the days when (in 2003) in our teacher database teachers gave us their neighbor's number, and we use to prefix it with abbreviation as PP. Till date I do not know the fullform of the abbreviation . Jokingly we gave a full form for PP as 'Padosi Pareshan' (Troubled Neighbor)


      Within 10-12 years Digital tools have enabled us to stay connected and thus 'Ending Teacher Isolation'. we are now connected through Instant messaging (on Internet as well as Smart Phones).

      This is enabling the community to share and learn , grow and benefit our children.


      Teachers posted in interior areas are now connected and their learning curve keeps gaining height


      Thanks to technology