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    What's on your 2016 professional reading list?


      A tweet from the K-12 Blueprint today reminded me of a connection I wanted to make with other members in the Engage Community and that is finding out what is on your professional reading list and where do you go to get recommendations. 


      In January of this year Donna Teuber, dteuber blogged- Plan Your Adventure - A Reading Prescription for 2016 | K-12 Blueprint She shared her reading prescriptions for 2016 and categorized them by themes.  

      From the K-12 Blueprint you will find three resources to help you transformed education check out - Guidebooks | K-12 Blueprint for more information on each title. Or if you are an ISTE member - you can check out the latest books or ebooks for their members and sometimes you will find things for free or at a discounted price for members.

      So what is on your list and where do you go to get recommendations?