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    How Does Your Classroom Support Women's History Month?


      Did you know that March is Women's History Month


      Last year Vanessa Jones(vkajones) created the Learning Pathways-February-April 2015-Celebrating Women that Have Changed the World-Trading Cards where took time to think about creating a trading card to share the work of an influential woman in honor of Women's History month. The year before that she created a learning pathway Learning Pathways: March-April- Women That Have Changed the World- Celebrating International Women's Day where members shared a variety of women who made an impact on society. 


      The National Women's History Project is a website not just focused on Women's History Month. Rather focused on the various contributions women have made throughout time. What is pretty impressive is their list of honorees of the past 35 years. The list is impressive but there is one that stands out on that list to me - Lillian Gillbreth - do you know who she is? 


      As a young avid reader I first learned about her after reading the book Cheaper by the Dozen - where I was amazed that she was a mother to 12 children and that made me want to know more. Being a mother to 12 children is no easy task but she did this as she worked with her husband and became known as the Mother of Modern Management and America's First Lady of Engineering. I studied who she was and what she contributed to society when I was in Middle School and I think that she is responsible for me being open to learning more about science. 


      When I was Teaching Middle School every year my students researched an individual who made a scientific impact.  Many of the choices on my list were women. I wanted to expose my students to  a variety of scientific contributors.The project was typically done around this month although it was not specifically a project to support Women's History Month it did highlight their contributions.


      No matter what subject you teach you probably make a connection to individuals who have impacted your content matter. How do you share or have students research these individuals? 


      Reply and share how you support Women's History Month OR how you support contributions of individuals in your area of study.