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    How was life before plastic?


      Plastic has made its entry into the world sometime in 1907.But it has now become indispensable all over the world.We were using natural,biodegradable products/packaging few decades back.Sadly,all that has changed.It is now plastic everywhere with no proper waste management solution in sight.For instance,we use biodegradable cutlery in a party/event.

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      When I was a child,we used to serve food on banana leaves that are completely biodegradable.We have always carried a cloth bag while shopping.Shopkeepers used to parcel every item in brown paper and we carried containers for oil/milk.Some of us use only stainless steel vessels for cooking and storing.

      I have a blog and this is one post I would like to share here : Eco(w)rite: Reducing Plastics

      How did this drastic shift from a natural to synthetic choice happen?This question can be asked by students to their grandparents.We can then have an interesting activity/discussion based on the responses.

      Here is an activity on up cycling :Eco(w)rite: Upcycling. In this activity,old trunk,pickle jars,planters were given a different avatar using a traditional art form called Madhubani.(Mithila Art - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      How have your parents/grandparents managed without the ubiquitous plastic?Please share your responses.It will generate more ideas to make the world a plastic - free world!