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    New Members Start Here! (May 2016)


      Hello and Welcome to Intel Engage!


      I am so excited to welcome you into our global community where you can connect and engage with educators around the world. Select "Reply" and introduce yourself to the community! We would love to hear about your country or city (share something about your location that you are proud of--include a pic or two--that aren't copyrighted of course).  Also, share the role you play in the education space and let us know what you hope to get out of being a member of Intel Engage.


      The Leadership Team creates and plans engagement opportunities around a central theme each month. The focus for May is Connected Communities Click on the link and join our monthly mission and share who you are and how you are engaged in OUR community. 


      The current theme is always shared on the Engage home page in the banner area,  Featured content is related to the theme and the slideshow on the right slide highlights other ways to engage within the community.  Recent Content contains all the most recent content that has been added by all community members and Blogs highlights contributions from our Engage Leadership Team.  in the right side highlights additional content that supports the roadmap. To view other themes we have already posted, type "Community Roadmap" in the search bar.

      We have created a Getting Started Mission to help you learn your way around the community. You can also view all our missions from your profile page--just click on the missions tab and see how you can level up!  As you move through the various membership levels, new missions are revealed.


      To learn more about the community, missions and badges visit the About Engage section and listen to a video intro from me! We can't wait to hear from you!


      Theresa Maves

      K12 Manager

      Intel Education


      PS...we often have a random drawing for all those that participate in this thread. You may win a fabulous Intel goody bag of fun, quicrky items! We will announce winners in this thread.