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    Intel Education Thanks Educators with Free Classroom Apps




      Around the United States during the first week of May you will find many school communities celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week.  This year’s National Teacher Appreciation Day is Tuesday, May 3rd.


      To say THANK YOU Intel Education is providing access to their paid apps FREE of charge through the Windows and Chrome stores from Tuesday, May 3, 2016 until Sunday, May 8, 2016.




      The Applications are:

      • Learning in Context: Concept Mapping - allows students to easily create mind maps, flowcharts, and concept maps (Note: This app is also available for Android tablets. If interested in the Android version please email jfischer@clarity-innovations.com to request a copy)
      • APPS.pngLearning in Context: Science Journal - helps students develop skills in data collection, supposition, and reflection
      • Learning in Context: Reading Comprehension - aids middle school students in learning how to read text passages for comprehension
      • Learning in Context: Population Statistics - guides middle school students in collecting data, visualizing distributions, and drawing comparative inferences      
      • Read with Me: A student literacy and reading tool for grades K-2 (Note: This app is also available for Android tablets.  If interested in the Android version please email jfischer@clarity-innovations.com to request a copy)


      If you wish to deploy the chrome apps via the Google Management Console or using Active Directory for Microsoft Windows please email jfischer@clarity-innovations.com for further instructions.

      To Learn More about the Apps and to get the links to download visit the Apps page on the K-12 Blueprint.


      The gift that keeps on giving…..


      The Intel Education Idea Showcase has a few classroom examples of how you can use the Apps with your students.  We want to GROW this collection. After downloading and using the apps with your students, we want you to share your ideas. Follow the guidelines to share YOUR lesson idea on using the apps in your classroom.  Reply below and attach your completed idea by June 15th and you will be entered into a drawing for a $50 Amazon Gift Card.

      Note: This drawing will become active when we have 5 different lesson ideas from 5 different members.  Click here to see the fine print.