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    Microsoft discussed "digital terrorism" in the Security Council.


      مايكروسوفت أكدت المشاركة في الجلسة الخاصة لمجلس الأمن، لكنها رفضت تقديم مزيد من التفاصيل (رويترز)

      Diplomats at the United Nations reported that US software company Microsoft has accepted an invitation from the Security Council to participate at a meeting next week to discuss ways of dealing with terrorism and the fight against "digital terrorism."

      This is scheduled for next Wednesday session called by Egypt, which holds the rotating presidency of the Council during the month of May / May of this.

      This will be the first time that the technology company will deliver a speech before the Security Council, which are increasing concerns over the use of the Internet and social networking to spread violence and extremism.

      Microsoft spokesman confirmed that a representative from the company will participate in the special session, but he declined to provide further details.

      A group of experts at the United Nations called for in June last Internet companies and social networks to act about the exploitation of their services to recruit volunteers for the organization of the Islamic state and other "extremists."

      Experts recommended that the Security Council extend an invitation to the Internet companies to explain in front of the actions taken in the context of addressing the attempts to misuse its services.

      In its report to the Security Council, a group of experts, "the growth of high-definition digital terrorism warned: the use of propaganda, especially by the organization of the Islamic state and his sympathizers, to spread fear and promote their beliefs."

      And took advantage of state regulation of the Internet and social networking sites intelligently to build a base of foreign fighters, according to estimates it has joined the ranks of the organization in Syria, Iraq and other countries, thirty thousand foreign fighters.

      مايكروسوفت تناقش بمجلس الأمن "الإرهاب الرقمي"