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    Making Technology Meaningful


      In Leslie Wilson's latest blog post Technology for Technology Sake is Meaningless on the K-12 Blueprint she cautions on making sure educators are not using technology for the sake of technology but to allow meaningful connections. My takeaway from her post is the importance of a district planning and support a rich Professional Learning Environment. 


      I think there are many resources in Engage that share how teachers can effectively integrate technology a few to tech out are:

      Where do you go to find resources to ensure that you are using technology in a meaningful way?  Is there a resource in Teachers Engage that you go to?

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          I agree and people always give me a strange look, as the technology coach, when I tell them to use the tool that makes sense, even if it's not technology.  Do not use technology just to use technology.  Many times people want to do something "cool" and they translate that to technology.   I think understanding appropriate tool choice is a great skill for students to master as they have a vast toolkit overflowing with many choices!

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            Hi Julia,

            First of all, thank you for mentioning my blog posts. It is important to always put the learning goals and objectives first, before the technology use.  Sometimes I have to remind myself of this.

            One of my favorite resources in Teachers Engage for using technology in a meaningful way is the K12 Resources Teaching Ideas Showcase. I love that every activity is organized in a way that gives the teacher access to everything they will need and more to bring a meaningful technology infused lesson to their classroom. 

            Outside of the Teachers Engage community, I also often share CK12.org and Sophia.org as resources for teachers to use when looking for high quality, best practice technology integration tools. These two sites offer really great text, video and assessment features to integrate into a lesson.

            Engagement, learning, objectives, technology = a great combination.

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              Jahara Jane Kating

              I agree. Nowadays, students didn't use the technology properly. They stay longer on surfing the social media rather than to do their homeworks.