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    Connect Students With Global Projects


      With this month being about Connected Community, I would like to celebrate the many connections of many classrooms around the world. A fun easy way to connect with other classrooms is through participation in Global Collaboration Projects.

      According to ISTE, "global collaboration projects, which allow students to work with peers across state and national boundaries, aren’t just fun. They can also teach valuable skills like digital citizenship, communication and collaboration, and research and information fluency, which are among the ISTE Standards for Students." 

      One of my favorite Global Projects is the Global Math Twitter Task Challenge. It is easy to get started with and it puts the collaboration piece directly into students’ hands.

      I am currently part of an awesome weekly podcast team called “EdTech Chat 'n Chew”. Each week we try and provide teachers with ideas and examples to empower students in ways that both fit the curriculum and teach students the skills they will need in the 21st Century. Each episode is about 15-25 minutes, which is perfect for teachers to listen to during their lunch break or prep period. Along with our podcast, we also organize Global Collaboration Projects. Listed below are the projects we host. We would LOVE to have you and your students join us! Check out the information below and let me know if you have any questions.

      1st Semester


      Haunted Histories - Work in progress

      Students will take photographs of abandoned buildings and interesting architecture and will write the narratives of what’s behind the image.  Then they will also determine how that space should be repurposed in their community.

      Hashtag - TBD


      Master Gobbler of Disguise -


      In this project students disguise a turkey as a historical or folklore figure to save him from a Thanksgiving demise.  The trick here is students have to research the figure and write his biography using Thanksgiving Puns.



      Gingerbread STEM Communities -


      Students will take on a delicious STEM to STEAM challenge to design and construct a graham cracker gingerbread community with many structures of goods/services found in a thriving community, and then Skype with to compare/contrast their engineered community with another class.


      2nd Semester


      Kidwish - http://kidwish2016.weebly.com

      The Kidwish Project  links students from around the world by allowing kids to share wishes for the upcoming year.



      Virtual Valentines - http://virtualvalentines.weebly.com

      This project designed to teach students geographical awareness and cultural understanding while connecting classrooms all around the world for Valentine's Day.



      Awesome Squiggles - http://awesomesquiggles.weebly.com

      Awesome Squiggles is a global art challenge project where PreK-12 grade classrooms create original art based on four squiggly lines and then share their artwork with new friends around the world.


      ISTE also suggests trying  one of these ongoing projects to get started:

      Global School Play Day. This is an effort by two California brothers, Tim and Scott Bedley, to restore childhood play.

      Teapot Project. This math-related project challenges students to create a box to fit an oddly shaped teapot that will protect the pot as it travels to another country.

      Holiday Card Project. Now in its ninth year, this project teaches writing, geography and math skills through the sharing of holiday cards worldwide.

      Winter Around the World. This is an effort to share stories, songs, poems and illustrations to create a collaborative digital global winter story.

      The Largest Online Gathering of K-5 Classrooms (ever!). This global sing-along took place for the first time in October. The event attracted 27,000 students in 1,000 locations across the U.S., Canada, Mexico and beyond.

      Are there any other Global Collaboration Projects that you know if that I haven’t listed? Please comment below so we can start participating!