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    How do you use the Intel Online Thinking Tools?


      Intel offers free integrated tools and teaching resources to support collaborative student-centered learning. How could the online thinking tools help with student projects? What are some other ideas for using the tools? How have you used the tools in your classroom, professional developments, districts?


      Share any insights or examples you may have.



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          I think that if these can be shared my department may be able to coordinate grading of projects and body of evidence activities.

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            As I have said sooo many times before, I believe the visual ranking tools and the assessment tools are the most versatile resources that any teacher could request, especially since they are free and the training for learning how to use them is also free. When students are given the tools, they too demonstrate an ability to apply 21st century skills by creating their own use of the tools, especially if the lesson activity needs a little differentiation...

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                I agree with you on how easy the Visual Ranking and Project Assessment tools are to use and help other teachers learn. I appreciate how you have also seen students applying 21st Century Skills as they use the tools. Thanks for point out how easily Visual Raking can be used in differentiation. Many times the teachers at my school say that differentiation only happens when they give "less work" to those who are challenged (ESL or Special Education.) Intel Thinking with Technology tools provide an excellent example of what differentiation can and should be. What was your favorite "ah ... ha" use of these tools with either teachers or students?

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                I use the visual ranking tool in professional development workshops.  For instance, in my technology facilitator academy, I have the participants list the items they would most like to explore during the next 3 days.  I enter those items into visual ranking and then they sort them and add comments.  The top three items are what we address on the last day.  Others items are addressed as time allows.


                In tech director's meetings, we have had them rank goals for their districts, most important skills, etc.  They are always fascinated by the tool, and that is a great way to promote the Intel courses we offer in the summers