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    Assessing Projects...How do you use it?


      Assessing Projects helps teachers create assessments that address essential 21st century skills. It also provides strategies on how to integrate assessments into your curriculum.  How do you use Assessing Projects? How could this tool help with student projects?  What are some of the benefits of using Assessing Projects for a 21st Century Classroom?  Share your ideas and examples.



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          Assessing projects is definitely a resource I use often.  I really enjoy the assessment options to create checklists and rubrics that are specific enough to produce good results while at the same time they are kid friendly. 


          One of the rubrics I utilize the most is a version of the blog self-assessment.  I often assign classroom discussion inside of Edmodo.  With the discussions, I post the rubric so the students are aware of expectations as they post.  Works great!

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            Formative evaluation of observing the active engagement of students.

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              Using Assessing Projects will clearly define the expectations that the students are to complete when reaching their goals of completing a project.

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                I just learned about this awesome tool and  I will be using it during the forthcoming school year. This is an excellent resource that will make differentiating instruction a breeze, clearly outline teacher expectations, and provide expectations for creative student projects. As Professional Development Liasion it will afford me the opportunity to share 21st Century skills with the teachers in my building. I think having such a creative resource introduced to them will provide opportunities to incorporate technology for some and enhance the use of technology for others.

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                  I just learned about this tool. My plan is to share this with the teachers that I support. This will provide the teachers with a starting point of what their students should be doing to increase their 21st Century skills.The ability to edit the rubrics is amazing and provides teachers with the option to make it their own.

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                    I like to change up my assessments some each year.  I feel like you should be improving and getting better each year therefore your assessments should be changing as well.  Also, your students are different each year, and each class is different so their needs are different. 

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                      Since I am new to 2nd grade this year, I have really been searching for hands on projects to assess my students with.  I recently assigned a science project for my student based on weather.  I gave the students the choices of, the water cycle, types of clouds, keeping a record of the weather for one week or, they could create their own weather related topic with teacher's approval.  This had to be completed in about 2 weeks on poster board with written or typed paragraph.  Attached was also a rubric so that parents and students could see what was expected.  This science project is going to be used in place of the formal sit down assessments I give weekly in various subjects.  As a visual learner (and I feel kids in are very much visual learners in 2nd grade), this is a great opportunity for them to express their learning and understanding in their own way.  I really enjoy assessing projects and would love to find other resources to create even more.

                        • Assessing Projects Tool
                          Bonnie Feather

                          It sounds like you may not know about the tool Vanessa is referring to in her original question to start this discussion.  It also sounds  like you might want to know about the "Assessing Projects" tool.


                          If you go to http://educate.intel.com/en/AssessingProjects you can read about the tool and learn about it in the "Try it" tab.  Then, click on the workspace and login (I believe you will use the same login you use to login to Engage) you can use it for yourself.  You can look at tons of assessments others have created and modify them, print them, move them to your own workspace, and even make new ones there.


                          If you need help with this tool, please don't hesitate to ask.  Lots of folks in the community can help you out.



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                          I just checked out this tool and can't wait to try using it! I use rubrics and checklists in my class lots. This will make it easier to use and will help me create them faster. I also will be able to adapt them quicker.

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                            Rubistar is a great way to make rubrics for any subject if anyone is interested.  It will give you a rubrics for any subject or you can edit and change it to suit your needs.

                            I hope this will be helpful.