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    Animating topics and explaining with real life examples


      hey guys here is an idea of making your own content and showing this to your pupil and explaining toughest concept in easiest way.


      i have made some draft animated videos and would eagerly wait for your kind responses and suggestions for improvement in these


      Trigonometry - YouTube 


      scattering of light - YouTube


      prism - YouTube


      Electronic configuration - YouTube


      concave mirror - YouTube


      microscope - YouTube


      telescope - YouTube


      convex lens - YouTube


      please suggest improvements in all of these videos so as i can boost my level up.

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          Hello Yatin Sir . Awesome work . Did FDRC Training help you in anyway ?

          I am also happy to see you are regularly contributing to the forum .

          All the best . Would you like to share some apps in education  on this platform . Do go ahead .

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              hello shayda ma'm glad to see your response.

              fdrc training helped a lot more than that you are inspiration for me. big fan .

              your training triggered something in me that how can i go further with my teaching abilities. i ve learnt a lot from you and Mr. Rawat.

              now talking about apps for teaching you can use anything all you need is a little bit of creativity.

              there are numerous apps i also have seen some of them but its all about implications.

              wordweb dictionary WordWeb: Free English dictionary and thesaurus download

              (it is a really huge database that can be installed in phone as well laptops and easy to access and very much simple)

              duolingoDuolingo: Learn Spanish, French and other languages for free

              ( an app as well software which helps you learn foreign languages in easy steps)

              amazon kindle you might be knowing already.

              i have tried these already.

              i had this quality of breaking any concept into tiny easy bits.

              i needed a broad platform to perform but i am unable to utilize it in good amount. still i consider myself as neophyte but i desire to make it amazing.

              seeking your guidance further.