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    ISTE Standards for Students Get an Upgrade


      We can’t help but be aware of the speed of technological change. More and more powerful and ingenious gadgets, apps, and software seem to proliferate at exponential rates. All of this innovation has an impact in the classroom. Recognizing this changing world of educational technology, this week at its conference in Denver ISTE unveiled new technology standards for students


      The purpose of the new standards is to “emphasize the skills and qualities we want for students, enabling them to engage and thrive in a connected, digital world” (2016 ISTE Standards for Students).


      The 2016 standards are designed to enhance student learning beyond proficiency with technology tools to transformation of the learning process. The standards emphasize personalization of learning through student empowerment, creativity, and preparation for a future where technology is a critical and natural part of all aspects of life.


      The focus of these standards is on the active involvement of students in using technology to take on these 7 roles:


      Empowered Learner—Taking an active role in designing their own learning experiences.

      Digital Citizen—Using technology safely and ethically.

      Knowledge Constructor—Identifying and using resources and digital tools to create artifacts of learning .

      Innovative Designer—Solving problems with technology

      Computational Thinker—Leveraging the power of technology to find solutions to problems.

      Creative Communicator— Expressing themselves and achieving goals with appropriate platforms and tools.

      Global Collaborator—Communicating and working with others in local and global teams to enhance their learning.


      Learn more about these standards, including the indicators for each standard, at ISTE Standards.


      What possibilities do you see for implementing these standards into the classroom? What impact do you think they could have on teaching and learning?