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    Students Learning Support System


                Schools and Universities plays Important roles in molding the learners capacity to learn. Therefore schools and universities create and build meaningful activities to mold and provide learners a holistic growth to be locally and globally competitive individuals. So as a future educator I have come up with an idea that in order for me to teach very well I should be more familiar with some Students Learning Support System in some schools and Universities.



      You can response by means of answering the bolded text below


      In your school, Can you give me some example of Student Learning Support System that has been conducted?

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          Jahara Jane Kating

          In our school, the learning support system is not implemented... But, having this in every Universities will be helpful to mold them.

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            Hello Jeric - You may be interested in learning more about Learning Management Systems, The Best LMS (Learning Management Systems) for 2016 | PCMag.com

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              At my school Edmodo is the learning support system of choice.


              It has not taken full flight as it is used mainly in the ICT sessions but has massive potential. So far parents are trickling in, students are using Edmodo from home and some teachers have used it to give their class a quizz or two.


              I have committed to help teachers by doing a series of "How to" videos over the summer - beginning with how to reset your password!   All the teachers at my school were enrolled as well as grades 3-6 each year.


              I also keep graduating students in the same class event though they go to different schools and encourage them to stay in touch and to keep collaborating. They are also encouraged to stay in touch with the students at the primary level.


              It is a great digital tool and the students are very excited and willing to use it. Just a matter of getting the teachers to the point where they are comfortable enough to use Edmodo consistently and effectively

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                We use canvass as our learning management system.  Teachers in the classroom create support materials to reach students and parents.  We also use it to create online classes for students lacking credits as well as a means of academic growth.