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    21st century educational system


      How can we motivate students to participate in engaging online courses? what strategy can we use in attaining their interest?

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          This question really got me thinking. I have been engaged in several online courses and encouraged my colleagues to do them but never thought of developing the habit in my students! wow.. I feel terrible right now . However, happy you brought it up.


          (strategy- it is a requirement)I am thinking about making it a second term project as part of the students continuous assessment for the classroom teachers or even a component of the ICT class. Put up a list of courses and sites and allow students to choose the topics and skills (should maintain interest) that they want and give them credit. They can even get points go get something from the school reward shop. (motivate)


          This is really a move to preparing the students for the future and developing the culture of independent learning.


          Bravo! Thank you for the question

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