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    Will you submit a Computer Science embedded Lesson Plan?


      Hour of Code

      It is never too early to start planning for the Hour of Code which will take place during the first week in December. We plan on taking the Hour of Code to the next level this year.  We want to go beyond an Hour of Code in 2016.  ( More details coming soon for this year's participation in the Hour of Code)


      What types of lessons will you be looking for to take your students Beyond the Hour of Code? 


      Don't forget to submit your lesson plans at https://hourofcode.com/us/activity-guidelines


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          More detailed information from Head Quarters about submitting your activities. Please share with teachers. You can copy and paste information from this post in spreading the word


          The submission period for activities and lesson plans for Hour of Code and CS Education Week is now open. And, we're making some key changes to broaden it.


          We’ve always envisioned the Hour of Code like an “Earth Day for computer science” - as a worldwide grassroots celebration for teachers, parents, students, and organizations. Each year Code.org has tried to play more of a backseat role in this campaign, to make it increasingly more community-focused and less about Code.org - which also means we’ll need the community’s help to keep growing the movement. We’ve also tried to gradually change the focus from one-hour puzzle-based games to a broader set of activities.


          This year, we are taking significant steps to broaden the campaign, and we’ll continue to do so over the years. We’ve set up an advisory board with diverse representatives from K-12, academia, nonprofits, for-profits, and international organizations. And we’re setting up a formal review-board for Hour of Code activities. And, in particular, we’re planning significant changes to how teachers and students find these activities.


          With so many teachers and students who have done an Hour of Code as part of CS Education Week, we want to focus this year on the evolving needs of our growing #CSForAll movement. How can we make this campaign relevant to educators and learners as they move beyond their first hour?


          This year, Hour of Code will feature a searchable library of activities and lesson plans submitted by computer science educators - and more importantly: we’re no longer limiting it to puzzles/games or even to coding. We’re building an interface that will enable any teacher to personalize their experience. Students and teachers will be able to search and find activities and lesson plans by type, coding language, subject area, grade, platform, and more. These will include both self guided tutorials that help teachers new to Computer Science, as well as lesson plans for experienced teachers to lead CS activities with their classrooms, as well as unplugged activities, classroom discussions, or even multi-hour activities.