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    Professional Development - What I Have Learned This Summer


      Summer is a time for teachers to do nothing and relax right? Hardly! In fact, most teachers spend their summer months taking classes for recertification, attending conferences, setting up their classrooms and participating in many different forms of Professional Development.


      Sometimes I feel like professional development can feel a bit like this: http://www.tubechop.com/watch/8209423


      FORTUNATELY, This summer has been a summer of learning for me and I have been very thankful to attend and facilitate some amazing professional development. According to Karen Johnson from EdSurge, there are 5 Things Teachers Want from Professional Development. They want it to be relevant, interactive, delivered by someone who understands their experience, sustained over time, and treats teachers like professionals. Below I have written about my summer professional development adventures.


      What are your favorite types of Professional Development? Why?


      Face to Face Workshops

      One of my favorite parts of my job is running face to face professional development for teachers in my district. When planning these events, my colleague and I definitely strive for NO SIT AND GET. Our topics this summer included:

      • 10 Ways Twitter Enhances the Classroom
      • 2016 Top Edtech Trends
      • Creativity in the Classroom:Have Students Show You What They Know
      • SeeSaw
      • Google Classroom
      • BreakoutEDU - It’s time for something different
      • Google Drive Hidden Treasures
      • 10 NEW Ways Skype Enhances the Classroom
      • Get 'em Up and Moving with Active Learning and Tech
      • STEM/STEAM Exploration Lab - Come and Play
      #EdCampKSHave you ever heard of EdCamp? Here's an overview at the Edcamp Foundation and a good article.I recently had the privilege of helping to organize EdCamp KS. EdCamp Kansas is an event that brings together passionate people to get involved in conversations and networking about educational issues in the 21st century. We had some amazing conversations, played in the STEAM/STEM playgrounds, and gave away some really awesome prizes!
      PodStockPodstock is a technology conference that is held by ESSDACK. What I love about this conference is that it is a bit smaller in attendance so you have a chance to really make connections and reflect.
      During Podstock, I was very fortunate to be able to present about BreakoutEDU with Russ Kahle and Rachel Mcclaren. Haven’t heard of BreakoutEDU yet? It is a movement that is sweeping the education world and is definitely something that you will want to be a part of. Check out this post from deb_norton to find out more about BreakoutEDU.
      Google Classroom Book Study
      Last year I read a book called Ditch That Textbook by Matt Miller. After reading it, I wanted to share it with every single one of my colleagues! So we decided to run an online course/book study via Google Classroom.  In this 5 week course, teachers are exploring the 5 concepts to “Ditch” the textbook and build action plans to incorporate a more student-centered approach in the classroom.
      Matt Miller is not only a rock awesome educator, he is a down to earth, extremely humble, nice guy. He’s so awesome he even made us a video to kick off our course!
      TwitterOne mantra I have is “never stop learning”. While I love to read professional development books, nothing can replace human interaction. Be like me….smart enough to know that there are people out there who are smarter than I am! With social media at our fingertips, learning from others has never been easier. With instant access to online training and social media, teachers can easily build, customize, and update their professional learning network for professional learning needs to fit the interests of themselves and their students.
      I LOVE personalizing my PD virtually, at my own pace and on my own time. Some of my favorite hashtags this summer include:
      • #BreakoutEDU
      • #385edchat
      • #DitchBook
      • #IntelEngage
      • #DesklessTribe
      • #ksedchat
      • #EdTechChat