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    Forest Science


      Just listened to this TED Talk - Suzanne Simard: How trees talk to each other | TED Talk | TED.com  by a Forest Scientist.Ecologist Suzanne Simard explains how trees communicate – via their underground root system.  The older trees known as “Hub” or “Mother” trees not only pass on and exchange nutrients but they also pass on wisdom and let others in the network know . You’ve heard of trees competing for root expansion and nutrients but the fact that they are above all else collaborators to help preserve the forest shows that we need to understand the Natural world and the intelligence at work to move towards sustainable 'development '.

      After showing this TED Talk to students, we can ask them the following questions :


      1.Is it essential to study forests? Or do we carry on with our current practices of tree logging?

      2.Why should there be diverse species in a forest?

      3.What happens when a 'Mother' tree is felled?

      4.What other methods can be used to study the underground roots system in a forest?

      5.Why can't we plant trees from different forests across the world?


      Please share your inputs too.