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    How do you utilize all aspects of your school?


      Many schools that we are teaching in were designed and built decades ago.  Buildings and classrooms have been retrofitted first with hard wires for connectivity and now wireless. Some schools got tables with keyboard trays and others just used tables they had available.  I was at a school where we added an additional computer lab to a teachers lounge allowing more students access to technology in a 1:1 setting before laptops became the norm in schools. My point is that many teachers make the most out of the space they are given to make the most effective learning environment for their students.


      What are you doing to utilize all aspects of your school?


      Our local high school has boosted the school wireless so that students can use their own devices and those provided by the school to access academic work.  They added wireless at the football stadium/track and field so that technology can be used both for outdoor Physical Fitness classes and to support streaming of athletic events to friends and families that are not able to attend a live event.  They also added wireless in their courtyard so students could sit outside and study while connected or support those students who ran the school garden regarding collecting data. The wireless is seamless throughout the campus as students move from one location to the next. In the cafeteria they have added charging stations so students can lock and charge their devices. The library/media center is a work in progress keeping up with teacher and student needs and changing based on new technology.


      It seems that many places start changing the library/media centers of their schools.  In a recent post The Librarian Lists | K-12 Blueprint Katherine Nelson shares how she creates an inviting space in her school media center. David Jakes recently shared The School Library as Change Agent | K-12 Blueprint on how the library/media center can support student learning. Can you relate to these blogs?  Are you having these conversations in your school? 


      What have you or your school done within the past year to better utilize all aspects of your school?  Share your thoughts, pictures and comments.

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          I work closely with the librarians in my district, one in particular.  The elementary librarian that I get to work with has been very supportive of maker spaces and allows me to use the LMC space to pull it all out once a week for our students.  That being said, our library is currently under construction and I won't have pictures until after school starts, however, there have been several changes made so that maker areas can stay out and available to learners all the time.  We have also created some space to store portable make spaces.  I am really looking forward to working with him at the beginning of our school year to nurture our makers!

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            Our high school is going through a library redesign as we speak.  It will be done is several stages. The first stage is taking place this year; Stage 2 next year.  Right now the biggest change taking place is that there are large windows being added to bring in much needed light and a view of the outside. Our media center sits below the first level, so it often feels like a basement. I can't wait to see what the floor to ceiling windows do to change the overall feel of the space. We will also be incorporating a Makerspace in one part of the Media Center. I'm guessing that I will be the person who creates and manages this space.  I'm hoping I'm ready to take on this challenge.

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              One of the ways we are utilizing all of our school is by repurposing spaces. For example, Several teachers at the school I work at have expressed the desire to have an outdoor learning space. Thankfully, we have a very supportive principal who is behind the idea. PTO is helping out along with a grant from a local company. Hopefully within the next school year, we will have our space complete.

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                Here are two images of the courtyard spaces in school where science/art/language class happens.the second image has the frangipani tree - the flowers have a soothing/calming



                .Courtyard 1.jpgCourtyard_new.jpg